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Ways to Get Rid of Fleas From Your Pet and Home

Fleas are one of the most annoying parasites pet owners have to fight against. Not only are they incredibly small and hard to spot, but they breed rapidly and get all over the place! A good pet owner should know how to combat flea infestations and quickly solve the problem before it worsens.


Fleas on Your Pet

Your pet is more than likely to be your home's primary carrier of fleas. Whether they got the fleas from outside, in your yard, or in your home does not matter at this point. The moment they have fleas, they are spreading them around, which will make eliminating them harder!


To get rid of fleas on your pet, you are going to want to use a flea comb. These special combs brush the fleas and their eggs out of your animal companion's fur. You want to do this while bathing your pet with special flea shampoo to ensure the fleas aren't just jumping out of the comb and into your house. There is also flea spray that will kill the fleas, as well as particular medicine to keep them off of your pet.

Fleas in Your Home

After getting rid of fleas on your pet, it's a good idea to clean your house to make sure there aren't any living there. Fleas like warm and dark areas, so it's a good idea to clean in and around those places. A strong vacuum helps to suck up any fleas and their eggs while you clean. Make sure you change all the beddings and curtains and steam clean your carpets if you have them. Lastly, insect sprays and pesticides work wonders against these tiny pests. Just make sure that you or your pet do not ingest these dangerous chemicals. 


Fleas in Your Garden or Yard

Again, fleas enjoy shaded areas, so it's best to check in these places for infestations. They also particularly like places that are warm and humid. To get rid of fleas in your garden or yard, you need to take care of the places where they might end up. Avoid overwatering to lessen the chances of creating a humid environment. Subsequently, you want to expose as much of it to direct sunlight to keep fleas from breeding there. You can also ask a local gardening company to trim the grass and eliminate any pests that may be present!


Fight Fleas with Happy Camper

Happy Camper is the top destination for daycare, boarding, and grooming services for your dogs. We work hard to make sure that every dog and its owner are pleased when they work with us. Fleas are understandably very annoying, and we can help you fight them off your dog. Let us hear from you and schedule an appointment for your pooch today!


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