Where DOGS run, play and have fun all day…and night!


Monday thru Friday: 6:30 AM to 7 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 7 AM to 1 PM & 5 PM to 7 PM

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Dog Boarding

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Luxury Lodges

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Dog Day Care

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Dog Training

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Parent Education

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Why do dogs and people who love them choose Happy Camper?

Our 4 DOGMAS tell it all


  • We’re smaller and know your dog – only 4 to 15 dogs daily in each of our Play Groups that are divided by your dog’s SIZE, play style and temperament
  • Our Pet Parents LOVE the peace of mind we give them with complimentary updates during their dog’s stay
  • Every staff member is actively involved in a national certificate program SPECIFICALLY for doggy day care play
  • Our dogs are all indoors enjoying the majority of their day in the cool AC and not outside in the heat and thunderstorms
  • Our owner is a small businesswoman, not a group of investors or franchisors who don’t live here and she was a national finalist for Women of the Year in the Pet Industry


  • National Award Winner of the DOG GURUS FUN FACTOR FOR DOGS
  • Click on FUN FACTOR for your dog’s 52 week activity schedule
  • BIG BENEFITS to you dog: Physically from exercising with other dogs, Emotionally from the love & attention we give them, Mentally from our daily training exercises and Socially from all the canine and human interactions


  • Paws down, we’re the cleanest. Watch our customer testimonials.
  • Ask your dog, our Fanatical Cleaning Program reduces transmission illnesses
  •  Just like hospitals, our HVAC systems have UV light technology for germ free, allergen free environment along with our air purification systems.
  • We pride ourselves on our facility’s cleanliness and invite you to take a tour anytime we’re open. No appointment is necessary… we’re always happy to see new pet parents. We’re very proud of our place and hope you will be as excited about it as we are.


  • We want to make a GIGANTIC impact in both of your lives, from safety to education to cleanliness to love, security and well-being for your dog(s) and for you.
  • “DROP IT”. Pet parents, drop your guilt of leaving your dogs at home alone, drop the stress of being away from them while on vacation, DROP being overwhelmed by your dog. Highly active dogs, puppies, older dogs with needs can be a handful. Sometimes, as a parent, you just need some time away. We are family.
  • “To whom much is given, much will be required”. –Luke 12:48 We are blessed and grateful at Happy Camper and we take caring for your fur babies very seriously.


Dog Guru Member

dog guru member

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

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Women in the Pet Industry Nominee

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Proud Participants Daycare Games

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International Pet Boarding & Services Association

Professional Animal Care Certification Council


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