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And How Do You Spell That?


If it weren’t for the Chicago Cub’s Wrigley Field, who knows what Cawshe might have been named. As it is, her moniker is a combination of Clark,
Addison, Waveland and Sheffield — the streets around the stadium. The German Shepherd ended up with her name because Lisa’s husband is a dedicated Cub’s fan.

The pup, just turned 1 year, was a little over 4 months old when a Facebook ad sponsored by a pet shop popped up on Lisa’s newsfeed. She laughs when she says that, explaining, “Pet shop dogs need homes too.” Although Lisa had never had a dog, even as a child, she says she thinks her husband, a police officer, had a thing for shepherds. And now she does too.

When Cawshe first adopted Lisa and her husband, they arranged their work schedules around training the pup, who was housebroken in less than 3 weeks. She’s also crate trained. And cat trained. Jilly Bob, their 11-year-old Maine Coon took care of that. And Cawshe was obedience trained by the same person who recommended Happy Camper.

Happy Camper’s Carillon manager Brittany says, “While Cawshe’s dad is out there protecting our community as a police officer, she does her duty to protect her camper friends while at Happy Camper following in her daddy’s footsteps.

Cawshe, also known here as Oshkosh B’Gosh, is such a sweet energetic love bug. She is fan favorite not just amongst our camp counselors but with all her camper friends.” Lisa agrees that Cawshe gets along with other dogs as well as kids. She says she “100 % would recommend a German Shepherd to anyone. “They’re eager to learn. Very fast. Want to please and have a good temperament with the family.

Another Great Rescue Story

Park is the king of the castle.

Don’t tell Park about the water part. While he drinks plenty of it, he never gets in the pool or any other large body of water even though he has his own life jacket. But he’s still a flat coated retriever. This 3-year-old adopted Courtney and Jeff last year. They had lost a Newfie to old age and decided not to get another dog. That lasted about 3 months, just until Courtney found a photo of Park online through Florida Retriever Rescue and sent it to Jeff. Jeff responded, “Who is he? Go get him!”

In his previous home, Park had been kept confined in a create about 20 hours a day. In desperation, he chewed through his crate so hard that he now has just nubs for bottom teeth. But that doesn’t stop him from eating French fries and Frosty Paws and all of his dog food. “His food isn’t jeopardized at all!” said Courtney.

Not willing to keep Park in a crate while they work, Courtney and Jeff brought Park to Happy Camper last January. In the beginning, they wondered if he would like being here. Now when they’re half way here, Park starts jumping up and down in anticipation. When Courtney kept him home one day, she said he kept acting as though he wondered when they would leave.

“I always look forward to seeing Park when I come in because he is always so happy to see me. He is so loving and funny and we have enjoyed many post-storm walks together,” says Camp Counselor Danielle. “I have seen him learn and grow during our time together doing our Fun Factor activities and it has really bonded us. Getting to know him and his awesome mom is one of the reasons why I love my job!”

Although Park gets along fine with other dogs, he’s never been around cats. And he suffers from “very bad anxiety” according to Courtney. In order to help him deal with that, he has a teacher who works with him two days a week. Mostly basic obedience because the dog is so dominant.

And has he settled in to his home with Courtney and Jeff? Well, he has five beds all over their house and the spare bedroom all to himself. That’s pretty settled in. And there isn’t a crate in sight.

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