Madison Apartments at Carillon invited Happy Camper to be a part of the canine Howloween party for their residents and pets. Upper left: One pet parent holds her camper pup complete with tent. Right: Happy (Melissa Stone disguised) handed out gift certificates and gift baskets. This is the second year Happy Camper has been invited to be a participant in the event.

A Holiday Tip
Thanksgiving is a time to eat way more than we should. And to make sure that our dog doesn’t follow our bad example. So, tell everyone not to feed your dog scraps off the table. Then tell everyone again not to feed the dog scraps off the table. Or…because you don’t have enough to do cooking for a crowd, why don’t you make a special Thanksgiving dinner for your dog…

Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs (source:

Cook according to package instructions:

1.5 cups rice (about 3 cups after cooking)

In a large pot, brown on medium heat and crumble with spatula: using the olive oil to keep it from sticking: 3 lbs. lean ground turkey Turn the temperature to low and

add: cooked rice, 2 shredded carrots, 3 Cups chopped spinach, 1 shredded zucchini

Cook on low until heated through and the spinach has wilted. Serve when cool. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for about 5 days.


Carillon Update:
These are playgrounds in progress. The two playgrounds for the large-breed dogs will be open this week. And, hopefully, by Thanksgiving we will have nine themed luxury lodges ready, many with windows, including Varsity Lounge, Big Cedar Lodge, Vuitton’s Glitz & Glamour, Miss Katie’s Fish Camp, The Monte Carlo and The Hamptons.

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