September 2018

The Class of 2018 Presidential Election

Our annual Class President Election is meant to be a fun way for pet parents to interact with each other and share cute photos of their furbabies. We are so excited to begin this year’s election, and we’re sure you are too!

If you are interested in entering your dog into the election, everything you should know is on the back of this page.

Leo, in 2015, and Gage, in 2016, were our first two presidents at 47th Street. In 2017, Chloe was president of Carillon, and Bentley president of 47th Street. They all served well and left a legacy of honesty, good will, and service.

Here’s How to Enter Your Dog in the Race for President

Send in a single entry to your location’s email address by 5 PM Sunday, September 9th. (email addresses are below)

  • An entry can be a photo, a banner, or a personalized campaign ad. The only restriction is it must be a single file, and must be (or be able to be downloaded as) a JPG..
  • All entries will be uploaded to an album on Facebook for voting. Each location will have its own Facebook album to reduce confusion. Voting begins at 12 pm, noon, on September 11.
  • 1 like on a picture = 1 vote 1 vote per person
  • The picture/entry with the most votes at the end of the election will be our new Class President! Each location will have its own winner.
  • Voting ends at 12 pm, noon, on September 25.
  • The winners will be announced the next day.
  • As your dog’s official Campaign Manager, you are encouraged to share/tag/comment on your pup’s entry in order to market your campaign.
  • Lastly, we simply ask that you be courteous to the other candidates throughout the election.
  • The Class President for each location will be featured in its 2018 Class Photo.
  • For winning Class President and cleaning up PAWlitics, the Presidents receive a complimentary spa treatment every month for a year!

For entries:

Carillon: [email protected]

47th St: [email protected]

Dog trainer Dave holds
Riley’s graduation certificate.

Sit Happens When We Train Your Dog

You know how you keep saying that you need to take your dog to training classes?

Well, we have staff with more than 300 hours of training experience. Your dog will be trained by staff that already knows and loves your dog. Training that won’t interfere with your schedule.

Training that can progress at your dog’s pace. And the classes are available at both of our day camps. There is DAY SCHOOL, PRE-SCHOOL (puppies) and BOARDING SCHOOL. For more information on cost, contact: [email protected]

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