October 2018

Presenting Our New Presidents…

Congratulations to Rory, Carillon’s new president. His goal, since he’s a wild child himself (1 year, 7 months old), is ‘to make Happy Camper a lot more fun,’ according to his pet parent David. His mom Johana (who put it more plainly) said, “ He wants to bring a little chaos to Happy Camper.”

This Boston Terrier has been with us since February. Johana said he used to be jumpy and skittish (not good attributes for a president), but now is social and happy. And he’s so happy he was elected that he is going to bring thank-you treats for his constituents.

Congratulations to Georgia, 47th Street’s new president.

Her pet parent Angel says Georgia will make a good president because “she’s a leader. She beats her own drum, and this is the dog of everybody’s dog, and a people’s dog too.”

Georgia, who is a little over a year old and was born on Angel’s birthday, is named after Angel’s mom. Our president has beeen at Happy Camper approximately a year and comes here three days a week — plenty of time for her to fulfill her presidential duties.

When It’s This Hot, Take Precautions

The temperatures this fall still persist in hovering around 90 degrees, so pet parents have to be especially careful with their pets.

Leaving a pet in a parked car not only is dangerous for the animal, it also could result in having a stranger break into the car to rescue the animal. Florida law makes it legal to break into locked vehicles to rescue pets or vulnerable people (think children or

The law provides immunity from civil liability for damage to a motor vehicle related to the rescue of a person or domestic animal (dog, cat or other animal kept as a household pet — not including livestock or other farm animals).

Walking your dog in the heat isn’t a great idea either. Before going for a walk, test the pavement with your hand — if you wouldn’t go barefoot on it, do you think that your dog wants to? On an 87-degree day, asphalt temperatures can reach 140 degrees, hot enough to cause burns and permanent damage. Hot sidewalks, pavement and parking lots not only can burn paws, they also reflect heat onto dogs’ bodies, increasing the risk of heat stroke.


  • A car’s temperature will rise approximately 40 degrees in an hour, even on a 72-degree day.
  • Most of the temperature rise is in the first 30 minutes.
  • Cracking windows doesn’t stop the heat from increasing.
  • Cars can reach 120 degrees in just a few minutes.

sources: weatherchannel.com; peta.org; petfinder.com


It’s that time of year again. Time for pumpkins and scarecrows and big bags of candy. And, at Happy Camper, it’s time for Howl-O-Ween!

If your dog or dogs (for those who are blessed with more than one) come in costume on one of our Howl-O-Ween days (October 29, 30 31), then they are eligible to win FREE day camp or a FREE sleepover, or some of the other good stuff listed here:

1st place $100 gift card
2nd place $75 gift card
3rd place $50 gift card

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