Exciting Changes Coming to Happy Camper!

The price of everything keeps rising (think supplies, electricity, rent, etc…), but we’ve managed to hold our own for two years since we last implemented our first price increase in more than 10 years. Now we’re making a few minor changes.

We still will offer our dogs the complimentary, national award winning weekly FUN FACTOR that changes 52 times a year.. And we still offer complimentary updates to you when your pup sleeps over so you can relax. Plus, we still have the best family of well trained staff members ever.

SHAKE A LEG everybody!  Beginning May 13th, SHAKE A LEG, our new service begins for early morning campers who rise and shine before our regular opening time of 7a.m. So if you’re not able to call ahead or in a rush to a meeting or get to the airport, you can show up as early as 6:15 a.m. for only $5 charge per dog per day. Thank you to our customers for your ideas!

SIBLING DOGS Beginning May 13, SIBLING (same household)

DOGS will receive a 25 percent discount for Day Camp. That means that the charge for each additional dog(s) from the same household for day camp will change from $15 to $20 per day This applies Monday – Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

SLEEP OVER Additional dog(s) from same household will change from $25 to $30 per night Monday – Sunday.

DAY CAMP PLUS SLEEP OVER Additional dog(s) from the same household will change from $30 to $35 Monday – Sunday.

LUXURY LODGE Additional dog(s) from the same household will change from $25 to $35 Monday – Sunday.

Fun Factor goes on all year…

Fun Factor for May

May 6- 12 Mother’s Day Cards

May 13-19 Musical Chairs – Kuranda Style

May 20-26 Hoola hoops boundary game

May 27 – June 2 Frosty PAWS

Let’s Wish Each of Them a Happy Anniversary!

Melissa and Bella

Melissa — General Manager

My name is Melissa and I am the General Manager at Happy Camper. I’ve been with the company for 13 years. My family is very important to me. I’ve been with my husband for 17 years. We are high school sweet hearts! I have three beautiful daughters aged 14,11 and 3. I love Huskies, hot sauce and cruises. My goals for Happy Camper are to make sure we all live the values we teach and believe in at Happy Camper.

Gerri works with Wraith


Gerri has been with Happy Camper for five years.She has worked wth the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce the Long Center and Clearwater Marine Aquarium. She is also a certified yoga teacher, dog massage therapist and dog trainer certified through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Gerri has grown sons and four grandchildren. Her love of dogs has filtered down to her son Josh who is a Navy canine specialist.

Ashley & Moon Pie


I have been with Happy Camper for five years.I was born in Detroit, Michigan, but we moved around a lot when I was a child. I am a single parent raising three girls while going to school part time. I graduated SPC with honors and currently am attending USFSP. My girls are active in Girl Scouts, where I volunteer.

I have a household of pets. Not just cats and dogs, but hermit crabs, too.

Dave & Riley


I have been with Happy camper for 2 years last month. I grew up with a veterinarian in the family. As family members had an 80-acre farm, 1,500-acre

cattle ranch and a 400-acre horse ranch, I was exposed to a lot of animals. But dogs, dogs, dogs are my passion.

I previously lived in the Destin, Fort Walton Beach, area and worked at Canine Discovery Center and Emerald Coast Veterinarian Hospital.

Melissa B


I’ve been at Happy Camper for about a year and two months. I’m originally from Willimantic, Connecticut, and own four dogs of my own — a 4-year-old Lab mix and a 4-year-old Pit mix as well as a 3-year-old Boxer mix. I just recently bought an 8-week-old pure breed Weimaraner that loves coming to school.



I have been at Happy Camper for one year and am dedicated to promoting our wide variety of services we offer to our customers and for them to have a positive experience. Let me introduce to you “Our Pack,” two Huas (short for Chihuahua’s), Gonzo and Bugg, and our Special Boston, Kermit.



At Happy Camper for two years, I live in St. Petersburg. I have two fur kids, Dexter and Sally. I also have a step fur kid named Honey, that I see on the weekends. I go to SPC full time online. I’m almost done with my basic degree, one more semester! My only real goal right now is to do the best I can at work and school.

I love working here.

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