The Daycare Games Have Begun

Last year we won 32 medals. We will tell you in April how many Happy Camper’s staff have won in this year’s games.

Rylan, above, and Jess, right, practice “gate management,”
teaching the dogs to sit or stand calmly at the boundary line of
the door or gate.

Ashlyn practices “recall” with the dogs, teaching them to respond to a cue within 3 seconds by coming close enough to be petted easily.

The dogs learn “group sit” from Dave. We are judged by the number of dogs in a playgroup that will sit on cue at the same time with their rears touching the ground for 2-4 seconds.

The 2019 Yappy Grammy Award Winners

El Chapo with his pet
parent John.


Highest Pitch Bark: El Chapo

Best Serenade: Jacob

Best Howl: Freddie

Deepest Bark: Buddy

47th Street

Best Male Vocals: Boomer

Best Choreography: Snickers

Best Female Vocals: Kya

Best love Song: Howie

Best Duet: Ollie

Happy One-Year Anniversary!


Melissa Blish was taking college classes for being a veterinary technician when she saw the Happy Camper ad in Indeed (that’s an online job site). And now she’s our Senior Level Camp Counselor Melissa.

“From day one I knew she was different,” says Mary Beth. “She might even be too young to be a millennial (she’s 20), but that’s what gives me the greatest hope for our future. Melissa has a work ethic. She wants to learn, achieve, succeed and EXCEDE.”

Melissa Stone, Happy Camper’s manager, says this about ‘little Melissa,’”I can’t tell you how much I’ve come to rely on Melissa. I miss working with her because I’ve put her in responsibility situations to replace me so I can concentrate on other issues. But I wish we could be side by side every day. She’s my mini-me.”

There are three dogs at Melissa B.’s house. A 4-year-old black lab, a 4-year-old pit and a 3-year-old boxer mix. Two are from Largo’s Animal Services and the third from Craig’s List. So her life is filled with canines at home and at work.

She still is taking college classes online, and said she’s getting a lot of dog handling and training experience at Happy Camper. “You definitely learn to read their facial expressions,” she said with a smile.


“I like people, I like dogs and I like doing something.” And that’s why we’re fortunate enough to have Wanda Williams as our canine concierge.

Wanda found Mary Beth through an ad in AARP. She says, “Her position is canine concierge, but she is Sherlock Holmes extraordinaire. She acquires all missing paperwork and outdated vaccines, finds out where people work and whom they work with so we can weave together our Happy Camper family.” Wanda adds that she also sends out Happy Camper thank you letters and works with the new dogs and their pet parents.

With a degree in Human Services Management, Wanda’s past includes taking care of the elderly and, in the Marine business, taking care of the problems in the Marine business between buyers and manufacturers.

She doesn’t have a dog of her own, but she has cockatiels.

Eight of them. And, in order to keep that number from growing even larger, she searches the house every week for eggs. Wanda is a 7th generation Floridian who enjoys talking to the pet parents. And, to quote Mary Beth, “She is Carillon’s afternoon pick-up time smiling face.”

We’re Famous by Kinship

Foxfire’s Alltimate Wanna Be

Foxfire’s Alltimate Wanna Be (aka Julius), right, won Best of Breed in this year’s Westminster Dog Show. Julius’s cousin Harley Quinn. above, is one of our Happy Campers.

Sit Happens

You know how you keep saying that you need to take your dog to training classes?

Have your dog trained here by staff that already knows and loves your dog. Training that won’t interfere with your schedule and can progress at your dog’s pace. Last year we graduated 18 dogs. That number will be more than 50 this year with the school improving by using more video homework for parents to succeed.

Available at both of our day camps, there is DAY SCHOOL and PRE-SCHOOL (puppies) . For more information on cost, contact: [email protected]

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