Melissa puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Melissa puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Has It Really Been 10 Years…

We all know that always happy, always smiling face. Who can be that happy and smiley for 10 years? 120 months? 3,654 days? It’s Happy Camper’s manager Melissa Hicks Stone.

When I look back over the past 10 years, it couldn’t, wouldn’t be possible AT ALL, nor would I even try to have Happy Camper exist without Melissa. I think there were only four or five of us in 2007. We worked double shifts of 14 hours at least three times a week and worked every weekend. Melissa, you’ve loved and cared for more than 22,350 campers since you began. ~ Mary Beth

Our parents want you to know:

Arnie’s Mom, Tanya: She is a joy to see every morning and a joy to see every evening. She simply is always smiling and makes you feel she is glad to see you even if you might not be!! Arnie loves coming to the daycare. We always call it “school.” He grabs his leash and walks himself in and out of the door. Melissa always gets a kick out of that and has the patience of a saint. I wish her 10 more years of her dog- gone great service. She is special and you are lucky to have her.

Mollie B’s mom and dad Susan & Jim:
Congratulations Melissa on your ten-year anniversary at Happy Camper. You definitely put the “Happy” in Happy Camper. There was never a day that Mollie and I weren’t greeted by your smiling face. You made both of us feel so welcome. It was obvious how much you loved
all the campers and that you treated their parents with patience and caring. Whenever I was dropping Mollie off and a new camper was starting for the first time, you made sure both dog and owner were comfortable. I never worried when Mollie was at “camp” because I knew you were one of the wonderful counselors. Congratulations again and may you have 10 more years of Happiness at Happy Camper.

Roxy’s Mom: Roxy found the perfect “home away from home” when Melissa scooped her up and she climbed to her shoulders. They were instant buddies. Congratulations Melissa on 10 years of easing our anxiety by providing a friendly caring attitude when we leave our furry friends in your care. We miss you. ~ Carla and Roxy

Congratulatory Wags and Hugs and Lots of Love, Skipper and Dawn:
Skipper Says: 10 years of woofs, wags and wonderful times at Happy Camper!
Skipper’s Mama Says: 10 years of you and Happy Camper being Number 1 in our hearts!

When I think of how it all began with one lil bitty Shitzu puppy needing a place to be while his mama was at work and Mary Beth taking ownership of Happy Camper. Melissa coming on board and moving up through the ranks. Through all the babies, trips, expansion cheers and jeers, Skipper’s needs, sleepovers, day camp days and all of what we’ve been through…all I can say is WE LOVE YOU MELISSA and THANK YOU!

You have been the constant by keeping the campfires burnin’, the personnel rockin’ and all the doggies in excellent Happy Camper care with your hard work and dedication. You’ve been there with Skipper and me through the good, the bad and the sad with our personal lives and with all the Happy Camper family, past and present. For every time we’ve shared a story, a smile, a laugh or a tear, I always say the same thing…I was blessed to find Happy Camper. Skipper is a far better dog for his Happy Camper experiences and you have been there for
and with us from the beginning.

May the future continue to hold bright moments like this celebration and may you find joy and personal satisfaction knowing how much we all honor, love and celebrate with you on this momentous milestone.

From Phil, Tammie & Molly: Congratulations on your 10-year Anniversary with Happy Camper! We would like to thank you for the person you are. You are a very dedicated hard working and caring individual. You always have a positive attitude and a smile on your face. Your Mom Bonnie instilled in you strong work ethics and values and it truly shows.

We will never forget how kind you were to our girl Sadie. She loved being the “Greeter” and following you as you did your daily chores. She also enjoyed when you would let her walk thru your legs and give her lots of love. Thanks for being so patient with our Molly. You truly know her personality. Again we congratulate you on your milestone and wish you the best always!

Melissa (left) and Trish make a valiant effort to get all of the labs into the photo at one time.

Melissa (left) and Trish make a valiant effort to get all of the labs into the photo at one time.

From Some Current and Former Staff Members

Devon – 2008 I’m truly thankful that Melissa was there to show a newbie like me the ropes. I saw her love for not only the dogs, but their owners as well. She takes tremendous pride in her work and in being such a huge part of Happy Camper. Everyone who works with her are lucky (as well as the dogs & owners) to have her there.

Bonnie 2009 I enjoyed the time I spent working with Melissa, She is a very understanding and patient person to work with. She would help you out with anything you needed. She loves her doggie friends and treats them as if they were her kids. Mary Beth, you couldn’t have picked a better person for this job. She is a role model – always making sure the doggies have a clean place to play and sleep. All you moms out there— I would be proud to bring my dog to Happy Camper because I know they would be loved and cared for as if they were yours.

Kayla 2012 I’ve known Melissa for 5 years and no matter what the situation she always makes you smile and laugh. She’s seen a number of us come and go and come back and go. She’s done an amazing job with all the dogs and now managing two facilities. She has a solution to every problem – Melissa, here’s to another 10 years of clumsy trips and falls along the way!

Trish 2013 There are few people in few times I’ve been able to work as effectively with as the time I spent working with Melissa. She had a way of moving things along in a very efficient pace while making even some of the most daunting times of year (such as the holidays) humorous and lively. Her cool head in times of extreme stress or times of trouble have been real life savers. She’s sort of the woman with eight arms that many of us strive to be, always doing at least eight different things at any given time.

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