June/July 2016 Monthly Wag

Meet Daisy, the Sweetest, Most Polite Dog Ever


Daisy was born in an animal shelter, transferred to Furever Yours Pet Rescue and adopted by Sarina Rose when she was 3 months old. But she doesn’t know all of that. She just knows that she’s happy and surrounded by her pet parent and two cats. The nearly-one-year-old, terrier mix’s original name was Maggie, which was a factor in Sarina’s decision to adopt her. Sarina’s parents had a dog named Maggie who eventually lost her fight with thyroid cancer. When this Maggie showed up through the Petfinder app’, Sarina went to see her. Or, as she puts it, “we had a meet and greet.” She added, “Before I got there, I wondered ‘what if she doesn’t like me?’ But she put her face in my hands and that was it.”… Read More

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