“Social media is so important these days that it even flows down to people’s pets, “ Mary Beth.


The American Kennel Club describes the Golden Retriever as: a symmetrical, powerful, active dog, sound and well put together, not clumsy nor long in the leg, displaying a kindly expression and possessing a personality that is eager, alert and self-confident. Flash’s pet parent Alejandra describes Flash as “very social, happy and full of energy.” Sounds about right. And Goldens always smile. Happy Camper’s Lindsay says, “Flash is such a good boy! He has so many friends at camp. He listens very well and has been learning to wait his turn at the door.”

Flash is one year old at the end of this month. Alejandra got him shortly after she and Macias moved here from California. That’s why she started his Instagram* account — because all of her family lives in California, and Instagram gives her nieces and nephews the opportunity to watch Flash grow up. In fact there are more than 7,000 followers watching Flash grow up. Alejandra says she doesn’t even go into her own Instagram account anymore because she’s so busy with Flash’s.

It would help Flash’s growth if he wouldn’t eat everything he can get in his mouth. “He picks up everything and eats it,” says Alejandra. That may be the cause of the diarrhea that the dog gets occasionally. Or it may be caused by allergies. The vet’ isn’t sure because they haven’t done allergy testing yet. But they did do xrays to make sure that nothing is stuck in Flash’s stomach. And the possibility of an allergy is why Flash isn’t supposed to have anything except his regular dog food. No treats. No people food.

But the vet’ did put him on probiotics, which seems to have helped. Flash was going to the trainer next door to Happy Camper, which is how he ended up here with us.

“He’s so super happy to go and so happy and tired when he comes home,” says Alejandra. (That seems to be a reoccurring theme with pet parents.) Camp Counselor Tiarryn says, “Flash is all around such a friendly dog. He is very popular among his friends and loves the camp counselors!”

 Alejandra, who says she always wanted a Golden Retriever, explained that the name came from superheroes in movies and comics. And this Flash may be a superhero, because when the fireworks were going off New Year’s Eve, he sat in the window watching them. No frightened dog here.


doggy day campJace lives right down the road from Happy Camper Carillon, but don’t tell him that.

He probably would figure out a way to get down there by himself. And that would make staff happy. “Jace is such a good boy. He is so sweet and loving. He’s always so happy when he’s in day camp that I look forward to seeing him,” says Milly.

This Australian Shepherd, who will be 3 years old in June, currently lives in an apartment with a “giant football field” (according to Joseph) next door. Good thing, because chasing balls is his thing. In fact, it’s so much his thing that Joseph ended up buying a ball launcher to save his arms from pain. And, besides being active, the dog is so smart that his pet parent Joseph said that, not only did he learn “so many commands” in the first month he adopted Joseph and Kateri, but he also understands how Joseph communicates with him. Good thing, because Joseph works from home, so the two of them are together when Jace isn’t at Happy Camper.

Jace is one of those rare dogs that doesn’t have any allergies or health issues. And, although he’s crate trained, he sleeps all over the house — ignoring his bed and preferring the floor. He came to live with Joseph and Kateri after she researched dogs and decided on an Australian Shepherd. (She grew up with a border collie — a similar breed.) Kateri also is the one who began and maintains Jace’s Instagram page* after she saw other dogs on there when he was 6 months old. Jace now has more than 7,000 followers. More than enough for a dog that doesn’t know what Instagram is, but is so photogenic.

Kateri also is the one who gave Jace his name. Joseph says “it just came to her.”

Jace has the same reaction to being at Happy Camper that other dogs do. He’s exhausted after a day here. That could be because as Rylan describes him when he’s here, “Jace is such a beautiful dog. He loves to run around outside with his pals Ceili and Sally. He is such a joy to have at camp.”

There may be a new companion in Jace’s life in a couple of months. Joseph said he and Kateri are planning to move to a house and may get another dog. Let’s hope it has a yard with a high fence, because, as the Australian Shepherd Club of America describes the breed: Aussies need fenced yards and leashes, as the temptation to herd dogs, children, and traffic can simply overwhelm them. Sounds like Jace.

Pet Points For You!

Happy Camper is proud to announce the launching of “Paw Points,” effective January 1, 2020.

As we continue to grow as a company in the community, we want to integrate a rewards-based system to give back to our valued pet parents. Purchases that accrue points include boarding fees, purchases from the spa, daycare, and dog training. The points are redeemable against Happy Camper services. (Each 20 points is worth a dollar.) And they’re easy to redeem — just talk to the staff at the front desk.

You will be able to see the Paw Points you’ve accumulated in your pet portal. If you have not yet accessed your owner account online or via our mobile, please contact Jacob at [email protected]

In order to use our PetExec App, please go to Google Play Store or the App Store for Iphones and download Petexec mobile. Once you download it, PLEASE use the email you have on file with us as your login.

Mark Your Calendar

We’re excited to announce the grand opening of our new expansion at our Carillon (St. Pete) location. We want our Happy Camper Family by our side when we open the doors! Saturday, March 21, we will host a Grand Opening event to showcase our new dedicated play areas, new new Luxury Lodges (9), and our state of the art SPA. Local natural pet market, St. PetersvBARK will be on hand as well as (canine) food vendors, amd pet boutique vendors.

You’ll see our dog trainers and learn the importance of proper grooming, nail and ear treatments from our SPA director, as well as how to do wellness checks on your dog.

Tours available all day – open to the public. Dogs are encouraged to attend if they’re socialized and leashed. Find updates on our Facebook page. We hope to see you all there!

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