January 2017 Wag

Just a Goofy, Lovable Dog

2017-1-wallyWally adopted Samantha and Drew two years ago.

They came to the Humane Society to look for an addition to their family when he was only six weeks old, and when he saw them, the pup knew they were the ones he wanted to go home with. So he did and became their first baby. As Samantha, his pet mother, explains it, “We were just looking for a little guy to take care of.”

Samantha, who thinks Wally is a coonhound/ pointer mix says, “He loves everybody including other animals.” And she goes on to say that while she and Drew were visiting family in Ohio, Wally was particularly happy because he was being “really spoiled” by his grandparents. But when Samantha talks about Wally, “lazy” is a word that keeps popping up.

For example, when they go for a walk, she says that “after 20 feet, he wants to go in the grass and fall down.” However, he also wants to meet and greet everyone they run into.

If the dog had one bad habit, it was wanting to chew on the bookshelf when he was a pup. But Samantha hastens to add that chewing lasted only a few weeks. And the subject of hunting never even comes up, though his parentage might suggest otherwise. “I have to laugh, because we see armadillos all of the time, and he just walks past them,” said Samantha.

Wally is a Monday-Wednesday-Friday Happy Camper. Samantha says, “Oh my gosh, it’s so funny. On those days he’s up in the morning and ready to go. On Tuesday and Thursdays, he sleeps all day.” And as much as Wally loves Happy Camper, staff there loves him too. “He stands next to me while I pick up poop, as though he’s trying to comfort me,” says Emma, Carillon manager.

Drew and Samantha found Happy Camper online. They work off Carillon Parkway, so the new facility is super convenient. Samantha says they visited a different day camp, and “it wasn’t even close to Happy Camper.”

Wally is everything his pet parents wanted in a dog, even though he’s about 40 pounds past the 50 pounds the Humane Society said he would weigh at full growth. Samantha says, “He’s just a goofy, lovable dog with his droopy ears and droopy eyes.”

Meet Tater the Swimmer

2017-1-tater“French bulldogs cannot swim. They will sink like rocks in a pond.”*

That’s the general consensus on the Internet. Don’t tell Tater that. His pet parent Ashley says his cool thing is that he’s a cool swimmer, even though “he’s like a cinderblock, so he has to paddle his little heart out.” And when he’s not swimming, he’s sitting on the diving board or floating around the swimming pool in his dog boat.

The water thing began when Ashley and Matt realized that the dog became overheated after taking a walk, so they taught him to sit on the first step of the swimming pool to cool off. And when they were at their lake house, Tater paddled around in the water. One splash led to another, so now he totally belies the general belief about French bulldogs and water. Tater, who got his name from his resemblance to a tater tot (but don’t tell him that), came to Ashley and Matt about two years ago from Pet Pal Animal Rescue. He was a year old then. His original family gave him up because he kept knocking the children over.
Probably from enthusiasm, because Ashley says he likes men, children, then her — in that order. Even though she’s the one who feeds him. Matt and Ashley’s other dog Bullet and Tater have opposite views of how life should be led. Bullet likes to run. Tater, not so much. Tater is “toy obsessed” and protects them from Bullet by lunging at him. Bullet keeps it up until he turns it into a chase. Typical siblings.

Tater and Kona

Tater and Kona

Camp counselor Wendy loves Tater. She says “Well, Tater is a good boy who loves to play with everybody. He can make his own fun or ‘harass’ others into play just by being his cute, exasperating self. I’ve never had to correct or have a conversation with Tater. Yea! Tater for Dog of the Month (at 47th Street Happy Camper).” Ashley found Happy Camper one day when she took a friend’s lab’ there. “She (the lab’) got all excited when we got close. I thought, ‘Wow!’” And her dogs have been coming here a couple of days a week ever since. She says, “I tell them where we’re going, and they get all excited.”

Ashley says Tater has an ear infection right now. It’s his first, and otherwise he’s a happy, healthy dog. A dog who likes to
swim. But don’t tell that to the French bulldog experts.

* http://allaboutfrenchies.com/canfrench-bulldogs-swim/

Happy Camper Magic Moments – 2016

Mary’s Moments

  • Getting the picture of the Thanksgiving Turkey when I was at our annual conference so I could brag on you all and your creativity!
  • Watching 31st CT go from grass…to being sold, to being bought, to being built, to moving in!
  • Happy Camper TV in the lobby…don’t think we’re done yet!
  • Each one of your funny, quirky, sweet, zany, personalities.
  • Nailing the video for the back-to-school shoot.

1. Seeing us grow into two great staffs.
2. Watching some dogs go and thrive at Carillon, while 47th continues to grow.
3. Basically,everything that’s happened at Carillon.
4. Moving to Pet exec!
5. Thankful that I get to come to work and see some of my favorite dogs ever … it makes each day better.
6. I am thankful for having the best boss any person can ask for named Mary Beth.
7. Thankful for the few months I have gotten to spend with new dogs.
8. Thankful for working in a stress free, fun workplace.
9. Thankful to have the chance to work with dogs and take care of them as if they are my own.
10. I am thankful to still have all my teeth after getting headbutted in the chin.
11. Give Zeba’s Mom peace of mind while her husband is in the hospital.
12. Being able to help Cooper and already seeing the old Cooper personality come back.
13. Helping Tucker’s Mom and Baxter’s Mom when Tucker passed away and when Cody and Tyson passed.
14. The front office getting spruced up, like the wood walls.
15. Mary Beth, who’s understanding when you need time off for family events.
16. You, Mary Beth!
17. Melissa!
18. Happy Camper!
19. Dogs!
20. More dogs!
21. Watching us grow from 4-5 employees and one facility to two facilities and 20 employees. WOW!
22. The fact that we have two separate class photos of dogs, that’s amazing!
23. I’m thankful for having a boss who is so involved in her business and is there individually for all of us!
24. The progress of the lobby at 47th location. People compliment it all the time.
25. The amazing fun loving fellow employees, the growing number of dogs and customers! The fact that we get 2-3, even 4 NEW dogs a week! WOW!
26. The opportunity to work and expand in a field I love.
27. Learning the ins and outs of a new business.
28. Watching the growth, progress, and teamwork of the staff.
29. The support and encouragement of superiors.
30. Obviously, every single one of our clients who love us as much as we love them.
31. Thankful for filling up the new place.
32. Thankful for only a hand full of crazy.
33. Thankful for our new, no crazy employees.
34. Thankful for our new equipment.
35. Thankful for our dogs.
36. When all the dogs I love from where I used to work started coming here.
37. Getting to know my new co-workers at the Daquiri Shack.
38. Finally understanding the pricing.
39.When Bentley jumped up so high in the lobby to where I caught him. Owner laughed.
40. Wizard of Oz photo for Halloween.
41. Having the opportunity to work with wonderful people and dogs, which is very fulfilling.
42. Taking the cutest photos of pups for Thanksgiving.
43. Layla Mishkin’s belly rub begging – I can’t resist her, ever.
44. Seeing the smiles on the faces of pet parents when I give them a portrait of their dogs.
45. The sense of unity the 47th location team has – I have rarely worked somewhere that’s so cooperative.
46. Showing that I could survive Thanksgiving!
47. Earning my key to the 47th location.
48. Meeting so many awesome co-workers and becoming friends.
49. Watching all the dogs go crazy when I step into the play areas.
50. Having such an understanding chain of command that is willing to work with my schedule.
51. Being part of the Carillon Team and enjoying everyone I work with and having each other’s backs.
52. Getting Cooper’s ear and back fixed through donations from our pet parents.
53. Carillon being so successful and having Emma and Kara keeping things organized.
54. Mary Beth bringing us back chocolate.
55. Little Nicky attacking Kara.
56. Watching the company grow from about 36 campers on a good day to about 40 or more through a weekend – People love us!
57. Our friendships! Developing new experiences and sharing over the top stories we will all never forget. (Ashli capturing Tito)/ New co-worker bonds.
58. All the changes that have been made to make us more efficient and clean!
59. Precious and new faces! (Barrett, Aston, other pups, etc.) and their respective personalities.
60. All the things I’ve learned while working here.
61. I’m thankful that so many of my previous clients are at Happy Camper now!
62. I’m thankful for my co-workers.
63. Having management that isn’t afraid
to get their “paws” dirty is inspiring!
64. Working in a brand new shiny facility.
65. Enjoying all the laughs!

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