A Pup With An Appropriate Name

Hitch’s adoption photo

A luxating patella, or trick knee in layman’s terms, is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location. And that condition is how Hitch, a Boston Terrier, got his name, because that’s what he has in his back, left leg. Terri, Hitch’s pet parent, says she and her husband Dave were able to adopt Hitch because Dave already had experience with the dog’s condition, and they were willing to pay for surgery if it comes to that. He’s starting to limp a little, so they’re preparing to take him for an orthopedic consultation.

Hitch is their third dog. Their first, a Yorkie, died four years ago.

Now they have Hitch and Jossy, a dog that Terri describes as “an old, grouchy dog. She’s 7 pounds and Hitch is 30 pounds, and he’s the best thing that ever happened to her.”

And why a Boston Terrier? Terri says she knew Dave had a Boston Terrier at one time, and she follows Adoptapet.com. When Hitch showed up on the website, she “knew the timing was right.” “I’ve never had a dog with a more gentle, sweet disposition,” Terri says about Hitch. He’s so kind and gentle that he lets Terri dress him up in different collars and sweaters for every holiday. He and Jossy even sleep with Terri and Dave, although she says Hitch spends the night under the covers, then on the covers, then under the covers and…

Hitch comes to Happy Camper three days a week because Terri knows he needs to play. They had tried a different day care, but “it didn’t feel right.” She says he knows when he’s headed this way, because he sits by the door as though to say, “Don’t forget me!” Camp counselor Rose says, “I LOVE HITCH! Hitch makes my day whenever he comes. And, yes, maybe I’m a bit partial to the breed. Bostons are so entertaining…that’s every single moment in a day.”

No wonder Hitch likes coming here.

Not Your Usual Breed of Dogs

Floki &

Floki is a Potcake dog. From a shelter — Potcake Place — in Provo, in the Caribbean Islands. Kraig (Cara’s husband) flew over to get her. Floki has a sister — Prija. She’s a Potcake too. Staff at a sister shelter in the Bahamas thought she would be a great match to Floki, so they flew her to Ft. Lauderdale a week ago. Prija is about 14 weeks old and Floki is 6 months.

Cara said she wanted a Potcake after Cadillac, their American Staffordshire, died. Cadillac came to Happy Camper for 11 years, and now Floki comes occasionally. Cara, who works from home, says that bringing him here to Happy Camper will give her and Prija a chance to bond. “Floki has bonded with us and we want Prija to too.”

Prija is a Tibetan name for “smart, intelligent woman.” Floki is named after the Norse god of mischief, Loki. Cara says that Potcakes are intelligent, very loyal, very “chill,” and observant.

They’re also of the fight or flight mode — their barks sound vicious, but they actually back away from direct confrontation. Because it has been so long since the dogs were interbred, they’re not prone to contracting the diseases they would if they were purebred.

Cara and her husband live on an acre of land, so the dogs have plenty of room to run. And play. Cara says she loves watching Floki with his toys. “He has so many, and he brings them outside, throws them in the air, then hops like a gazelle to catch them.”

Floki already has become socialized and even has gotten used to being around horses — Cara has one at a stable close by. Cara says she plans to do a lot of training with both of the dogs. They sleep in kennels at the end of the bed and Floki has his own dog sofa that matches the sofa in the living room. They plan to order one for Prija too. Camp counselor Tiarryn says, “Floki is such a unique dog. Watching him each time come out of his shell is so gratifying and makes me happy.”

And “unique” is an appropriate word to describe this Potcake. Potcakes are the mixed-breed street dogs of a limited gene pool of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The locals cook a pea and rice stew that leaves a cakey substance on the bottom of the pot. This “pot cake” is fed to the street dogs. Although appearance varies, potcakes generally have smooth coats, cocked ears, and long faces. A group of potcakes is known as a parliament. (You now have to fill out paperwork and get permission to bring outside dogs into those islands.)

It’s Time for Daycare Games

Camp Counselor Norma gets the dogs ready for the International Doggy Day Care Games.

Ready for the best off-leash competition the pet industry has ever seen? Our annual Daycare Games puts our staff’s dog leadership skills to the test with Dog Recall, Group Sit, and Gate Boundary.

Our Competitors are 100 pet businesses across the world, grouped into and competing against like-sized businesses.

The Dog Gurus will award weekly virtual Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for individual dog handlers and facilities throughout the month of February. There also will be award recognition for overall medals at the end.


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