February 2018 Newsletter

Meet Karissa Teves

Karissa and her fiance Andrew pose with their two dogs — Goji, a 6 year-old Boston Terrier and Chalupa, a 17 year-old Chihuahua.

Three days a week she bathes the dogs and gives a helping hand wherever it’s needed (mostly at Happy Camper 47th Street). Then every six weeks she flies to New York to take care of her clients there. Pet clients who get groomed in their own homes.

Karissa joined Happy Camper last October after moving here from New York with her fiancé. She has a solid background with animals. “My very first job was at Petco as a cashier, then I kind of squished my way into animal care.”

Once she got hands-on experience, it didn’t seem to be enough, so she went to work at an animal hospital that also was a boarding facility, eventually working her way into helping the veterinarians. And that’s where she fell in love with giving baths and developing personal relationships with the dogs, eventually going to doggy grooming school.

My Little Dog Grooming — her business in New York — gives her the luxury of taking her time with the dogs as she grooms them. She says, ‘It’s nice to have a one on one relationship.” And at Happy Camper she also tries to take her time with the dogs, especially the ones who seem a little leery of her, staying with them until they’re calm.

And is she happy in Florida and at Happy Camper? “I love everybody here,” Karissa says. “I have yet to find someone I don’t work well with. And it’s nice to be part of a team after working on my own so many years.

And how does Happy Camper’s owner Mary Beth feel about the new addition to staff? “I love my Karissa. There are few people in life who make you just happy to be around them. And all my staff feel that way about her too. And now she’s going to start training staff on her special grooming methods.”

Here Come the Games!

Cooper T., Paisley B.,
and Duke P. work on Dog Recall.

Well, it’s that time of year again — time to compete in the Dog Guru Daycare Games. This is the fifth year Happy Camper has been a part of this great competition. Last year you took 32 medals altogether. Way to go! We got 12 medals in Group Sit, 11 medals for Recall and 10 in Gate Management.

Besides giving us time for training sessions with our dogs, the games also challenge us to improve our skills in a fun competition.
The events include the following:

Dog Recall: This identifies the percentage of dogs in a playgroup that come when called. A successful recall is when a dog that is at least six feet away responds to your cue within three seconds and comes close enough to you that you can pet the dog easily

Group Sits: This event identifies the percentage of dogs in the playgroup that will sit at the same time on cue and stay seated for the entire time period.

Managing the Gate Boundary: This event identifies the percentage of dogs in the playgroup that remain calmly at the boundary line of your entry door/gate for the entire count off.

The Dog Gurus will award weekly Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for individual dog handlers and facilities throughout the month of February. There will also be award recognition for overall medals at the end. Lots of chances to win virtual medals and bragging rights.

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