A Spaw day at Happy Camper means so much more than just a bath! Regular grooming plays a vital role in your dog’s health!

Lazy River Spa

Premium Pampered Bath $20 to $75*

Includes bath massage with special de-shedding shampoo to loosen hair, special de-shedding conditioner, hi-velocity dry, deep brush and light brush out.

* based on condition of coat, size of dog and cooperation during bathing process.

Recommended 6 to 8 weeks or by your dog’s activity

Blueberry Facial $8

Removes stains around the eyes and mouth for a clean, beautiful face

Healthful Canine Massage $40 (up to 1 hour)

♥ Eases aches and pains
♥ Increases range of motion
♥ Reduces soreness and lameness
♥ Improve mobility & longevity
♥ Excellent therapy for NSAID intolerant dogs

De-shedding Treatment $20* based on coat

Reduce up to 90% of your dog’s loose hair. Shedding is natural and can’t be prevented, but this treatment pushes through the top coat.

* Additional to bath price

Brazilian Bow Wow $15 to $25

To keep our furry friends clean and healthy around their paw pads, eyes and their bum/groin area.  This trim/clip will help with urine/feces from getting trapped in the fur resulting in rash or stink.

$10 up to 30 minutes

Removes tangles and clumps of matted hair that cause pain to your pup

Nail Trim Only $10

Lazy River Monthly Nail Trim Program $25

We’ll check your dog weekly and perform a nail cut and /or trim so you don’t have to remember

Natural Paw Pad Moisturizers $3

Natural moisturizers are wheat free and feel soooo good on your dog’s paw pads. With all the wear and tear in Florida heat and pavement, give your dog the foot treatment they deserve. Hot spot relief, cracked pads, soothing allergy relief.

Epsom Salts Soak $10

Relieve sore feet, inflammation or treat your dog’s allergy paws with a warm, Epsom salt soak

EAR..omatherapy $5

Earwax ?  Odor?  Nobody wants an ear infection. Maintain your dog’s EARS with a NATURAL HERBAL BLEND OF BOTANICALS TO CLEANSE, SOOTHE AND DISINFECT EARS  Recommended weekly


Please see our groomers for pricing

Dog Spa Happy Camper
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dog spa st petersburg
Dog Spa Happy Camper
Dog Spa Happy Camper
dog spa st petersburg
Dog Spa Happy Camper
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