Long awaited vacation? Weekend at Disney? A day at the beach? Road trip? If you’re headed out for fun, so is your dog!

Dog Boarding

KENNEL is a bad word!
At Happy Camper, we have SleepOvers!

Sleep Overs at Happy Camper are different from what you might be familiar with when leaving your pet at a kennel or in a veterinarian’s cage/crate. When your dog stays with us, they are assigned their very own SleepOver Counselor. Your counselor will provide wellness checks and closely monitor appetite, behavior and relief habits to make sure your dog is comfortable, safe and happy during their stay. AND – we’ll send you one complimentary update at your request.

If your dog has never boarded, is skittish or you’re concerned and a bit protective, consider our Luxury Lodge. You might call it GLAMPING!

Check In: After 12:00 Noon ($5 more before 12:00 Noon)
Check Out: Before 12:00 Noon ($5 more after 12:00 Noon)
Additional dog(s) from same household  $30 each

Additional dog(s) from same household  $40 each

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Safe, Private and Comfortable Accommodations

For your dog’s safety and privacy, solid partitions divide all our sleep areas. We have many sized sleep areas at one standard price,  orthopedic Kuranda bed and fresh water in stainless steel bowls (for hygiene purposes) at all times.   You can choose our Tuck Inn service ($5 per night) for one on one belly rubs or paw massage before bed.  

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Exercise and Elimination – 6am Rise and Shine

During the day, your dog heads off to Day Camp spending the day exercising and socializing with other dogs and our camp counselors or if they prefer people more than dog,  a day with their sleepover counselor enjoying indoor and outdoor times.

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Medications? We’re Here to Help!

Your dog’s SleepOver Counselor will administer most medications (NO CHARGE) to your dog provided you bring written veterinary instructions for administration. Medications must be brought in the original containers with veterinary labeling or we cannot accept them.

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Important Information for Food and Treats

Please bring your dog’s food (but NOT your Dog’s bowl) so that there are no stomach or diarrhea issues with your dog.  We would prefer to keep dogs in their normal routine and have performed many unique tasks to accommodate our special guests during feeding times (we have refrigerators, microwaves, etc).

We will happily prepare and feed your dog any food or treats you provide.  Fresh, clean, water is available at all times for your dog in all areas of the facility.  If you forget your food our “house food” cost is $2 per cup and change in diet may cause stomach upset.

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Complimentary Bath with 4 Night Stay

Dogs who stay with us a minimum of FOUR nights receive a complimentary bath, which includes blow dry and brush out.

Contact us to book your dog’s next stay!

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