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Back to School: How New Routines Impact Our Dogs

The kids are back in school, and the house is oddly quiet. What does this mean for your dog? While your dog was used to all the extra attention and activity around the house, he may feel a little lost with the change in routine. A sudden schedule change can lead to behavior problems brought on by anxiety. 


Dogs Are Creatures Of Habit

Dogs experience their environment emotionally, and their world must be predictable for them to feel happy. For this reason, it is crucial to establish a consistent routine that will give your dog stability and help him feel more confident. 


In order to help your dog adjust to the new school year, here are some ways to make the transition easier:

1, Practice Your New Routine Before School Starts.

Practice back-to-school routines several weeks before school begins to calm your dog's anxiety. Instead of sleeping in, set your alarm earlier than usual. Take time to walk your dog at the same time you plan to when your kids go back to school. In addition, set mealtimes according to your updated back-to-school schedule. If you start mimicking your back-to-school routine early, your dog can get used to it gradually instead of going from zero to sixty overnight.

2, Schedule Extra Exercise For Your Dog In The Mornings And Evenings.

Dogs left alone during the day, when their owners are at school or work, can get less activity and exercise, leading to weight gain and boredom. To keep your dog active and healthy, try to plan some extra playtime in the mornings and evenings. You can also take him on long walks or runs during these times so that he gets more exercise and can burn off some of that extra energy. 

3. Avoid Over Exciting Your Dog When You Leave The House And When You Return

We all want to give our pooch lots of attention and hugs when we leave or return home. However, the extra affection may make the dog anxious about your departure, so it may be best to refrain from it. Even if it's tough, keep your goodbyes calm in the morning when you and the kids leave. Get your kids involved in this practice. 

4. Doggie Daycare

Dogs love to play and socialize and need exercise and stimulation, which is what doggy daycare offers. It's an excellent way for your dog to have fun while you and the kids get back to routine.


Additional benefits of doggie daycare include: 


Safety- Your dog will be well looked after by the doggie daycare attendants, who are professionally trained to keep your dog safe. This is especially important if you have a puppy or senior dog needing more care than other dogs.   

Socialization- Your dog will get a chance to interact and play with other dogs and humans, which is an excellent way to improve their social skills.    

Exercise- Your dog will get plenty of activity during the day, and you can rest assured that it will sleep well at night. 

Attention- Your canine buddy will get lots of attention at the doggie daycare, making them feel less anxious while you and the kids are away.


New routines can really impact your dog, but preparation and planning will make your dog's transition to its new schedule as smooth as possible.


The Happy Camper Will Give Your Dog The Best Day Ever!

When you choose us for dog daycare, your dog will spend the day inside enjoying the air conditioning in a clean and sanitary environment. As a daycare guest, your dog will get to participate in our Fun Factors, which are special activities that meet their physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. 

We look forward to meeting you and your canine pal, so book a free meet and greet session today to see if daycare is right for your furry friend.


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