This Dog’s On Lockdown

Hank must have heard about the running of the bulls, because that’s what he wants to do — run.
This bull (actually French bulldog), has turned into an escape artist, leaving his pet parent Erin just shaking her head as she plans way to keep him from going under the backyard fence for the fourth time.

“He literally pushed the fence out. It’s his backyard, so he dug and dug and dug,” said Erin. Even stacking bricks in front of the fence doesn’t stop him.

It’s a good thing Hank wears a tag with Erin’s telephone number on it, so the people at the Wal-Mart behind her house can alert her when he starts schmoozing with the employees or chasing their forklift. And the neighbor who helped her shore up her fence to try to make it escape proof found him in her garage the last time he got the wanderlust.

“He’s a really busy guy,” says Erin laughing. “He’s got lots of things to smell and lots of things to look at.” One of the pup’s favorite treats is Busy Bones, by Purina. He dances around them, throws them up in the air, and when he’s decided he killed them, he eats them. Pretty much the same routine that Diet Coke bottles receive, only he skips the eating part. Erin says that when he sees a Diet Coke bottle, he waits impatiently for someone to empty it. Then it becomes his favorite sport.

Erin got the almost-4-year-old Hank from a breeder in Tampa when he was a pup. She did some research to find out which breeds would do well in an apartment (that was just before they moved into the house). “That website lied,” she said. “He’s just always got stuff to do.”

According to Erin, Hank is spoiled and he thinks he’s tough. But she says he wouldn’t last five minutes out there by himself. He’s just too friendly. He likes to give kisses, but only to Erin’s mom and dad. And her dad is whom Hank is named after. That was her dad’s school nickname. Hank comes to Happy Camper two days a week. Erin tells him the night before that he’s going, so he’s ready and waiting in the morning. She says he wants out of the car as soon as they pull into the parking lot.

And does Happy Camper love Hank? Melissa, Happy Camper’s General Manager, says this about him, “Hank is a spunky dog who makes friends with everyone! He loves his cuddles and playing with bacon bubbles. He requires his own special ‘Hank dance’ to catch him when it’s time to go home.” Hmmm…running seems to be in his nature.

A Frug by Any Other Name

If you said that Zambezi is a Frug, you might picture a dour, crabby dog. Not this French bulldog/pug mix. Happy Camper camp counselor Rachel describes him this way — “Our Zambezi is a little party in a box!

Everyone knows when he’s here just by his adorable woofs! His favorite thing in the world is running all around the yard.”

And that running around the yard thing? Well, Zambezi is an exception to most of the dogs that go to Happy Camper. Instead of sleeping all the way home and crashing again when he gets there, his pet parent Alea says he’s ready to go for a 4-mile walk and pulls her all the way.

Zambezi adopted Alea about three years ago in Maine. Alea had seen him on Facebook, and, when she went to the breeder to see him, she got an odd feeling about the place, so she took the pup home with her right away. He is her first dog, although he has to share his home with three female cats — Euphrates, Tigris and Nile. Following in the “name-the-river” tradition, Alea said she had heard stories about crazy white water rafting on the Zambezi River, and since the dog seemed a little crazy… a name was born. However, as it turns out, he hates water and Alea loves water. So when they go to the beach, Zambezi eats the sand and keeps watch over Alea when she swims.

The cats rule the house, of course. That’s the way of cats. And Zambezi totally understands that he’s at the bottom of the pecking order there, but he tries to play with the cats. Actually Euphrates is bigger than he is, so he has to be careful. Even Alea’s brother’s boxer knows enough to stay away from them. And while cats may pose a problem, Zambezi gets along with most people. He feels protective of Alea and doesn’t warm up to some men. Alea says she trusts the dog’s judgment when it comes to people. And she has to ask children to take it slow with the pup, although he’s never been aggressive with them.

It was a year ago that Zambezi began coming to Happy Camper. Alea researched the available doggy day care places near her and liked the reviews that Happy Camper received. Then she began a new job in February, and it happens to be right next door. Very convenient.

“As soon as I went in there I found that the girls love my dog almost more than I do,” said Alea. “Now, when we get up in the morning, I tell him, ‘You get to play with your friends today.’ And, when we pull into the parking lot, I’d better be ready, because he wants to get right out of the car.”

Protective, happy, loving, cautious with cats. What more could you ask from a frug?

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